About Piklane


India’s first Trusted Indian Regional Speciality and Delicacies platform


We bring you your hometown nostalgias back in food through Regional Delicacy Combos, Sweets and Party Orders


Our Research team shortlists the best of the Regional Restaurants in the city, which are then approved by Specialists to get them onboard


We try to bring food closer to you through taste and experience as good as your hometown, served anywhere workplace, home

We are not a Generic Food Delivery


  • Specialization, Chosen and Selected
  • Differentiated as a Brand Positioning
  • 2-3 Restaurants on each verticals/ 5 km
  • Only Signature Combos/Specialist Products/Products best at
  • Opportunity to be endorsed by Specialists/Social Influencers - Brings Trust and Followers
  • Premium Experience and Segment by default
  • Customer are ready to pay the price asked. No price based differentiation
  • Local, Domestic and Export Market based on products

Generalization & specialization

    • E-Commerce and Marketplace Businesses has created too much Generalizations and Me Too’s.
    • Products and Services are differentiated from a Price standpoint in freebies and discounts.
    • Innovative, Creative and Specialized Products are losing its identity and market.
    • Trust is an increasing concern as 33% of the products in ecommerce sites are fakes.
    • Increasing Me-Toos makes it very hard to differentiate the best.

Our Partners


* We expect the Food quality and taste to be top notch since our target users are not price sensitive. No compromises.
* Packaging and garnishing defines the premium experience. Boxes will be provided by us as an inventory to you.
* Dual Marketing with Piklane on Piklane Sleeves. Your brand is as important as ours.
* Indigenous Fleet can be used on agreement.
* Piklane’s poster/standing lanyard to be kept in the restaurants


  • Non-toxic Being Natural, there is no loose carbons. Loose carbons often gets mixed with hot food in plastic containers, which is never the case with Natural boxes. Loose carbons are carcinogenic( causes cancer).
  • Microwave-able There is absolutely no carbon disintegration with Microwave unlike plastic where loose carbons come out of non-quality plastic. It is highly heat resistant.
  • Heat Resistant One can bake cake in these boxes. Naturally heat-resistant, these boxes can retain heat till 280 degree Celsius
  • Liquid Resistance These boxes have high tensile strength, are completely eco-friendly, bio-degradable, can hold liquid for 3-4 hours and can be easily be molded into different shapes and sizes.
  • Non-odorous: Being Natural there is no odor.

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